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Shipping & Return Instructions

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Q: Shipping & Returns

Any packages directed to Exergy should be sent to 4936 Kendrick St. SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49512.

Exergy primarily ships with UPS and shipping costs will be included in your order. In the case of core returns, Exergy does not cover the cost of shipping. 

If you need to return a part, please contact our sales team at sales@exergyperformance.com or 616-551-4330 for directions on such.

When shipping injectors in for service or returning cores, please follow these instructions:

DO : Package your injectors in individual bags numbered per cylinder for each injector. Make sure you have bubble wrap or foam wrapping each injector. Include adequate packaging surrounding the injectors tightly in the box. If you have your new injector set, sending the cores to us in the packaging the new injectors came in would be ideal.

Please include detailed information with all your info and what you’d like done filled into the Injector Process Form (PDF below) if you are sending your injectors in for a service.

DON’T : Do not have the injectors loosely thrown into a box. This may cause the injectors to shift and bounce off each other, possibly resulting in damage. Do not try to clean or spray off the injectors or use any type of wire brush on the nozzles. Don’t send any hold-down clamps or bolts. Absolutely no foam packing peanuts!

For questions on returns please contact

Q: Exergy Injector Service Form 2023

Click the link below to download the Exergy Injector Service form

Exergy Injector Service Form 2023