why Exergy

With our background in OE development and manufacturing we bring a unique perspective to the high performance world. We know what features and specifications need to be to ensure proper function, we know how to produce them and how to verify they are correct. The verification process/equipment we use is very untypical of a standard diesel repair shop and allows us to look at many more system performance characteristics beyond average fuel output.

We test from idle to full power using factory calibration points and a few of our own points added for the high performance market. We can fully map injector sets and have done so for a number of customers who want to best utilize their stand alone ECU, or EFI Live capabilities.

We use equipment developed and used by Bosch for the design and development of diesel fuel systems (specifically common rail) and have the expertise on staff to properly operate and maintain this very sophisticated equipment. Some on our staff were part of the development of this equipment and common rail injectors when they were employed by Bosch. This equipment is not only able to measure injection quantity, but also shot-to-shot consistency and injection timing.

Based on the injector sets we have analyzed from others neither shot-to-shot consistency or injection timing is being controlled. In our opinion not only are these parameters not being controlled, they likely are not measured. They are making changes that bring the injectors output into calibration at a few low pressure test points, but in doing so they are unknowingly affecting the hydraulic response of the injector to the electrical drive signal. We have seen injection timing vary up to 3 crank degrees on freshly “remaned/blueprinted” injectors within the same set.

When considering a high performance fuel system supplier be sure to ask if they provide test results from your injectors. Most performance injector sources measure output but how many are testing at full rail pressure? ...measuring shot-to-shot consistency? ...injection timing?

In summary, our “toolbox” (i.e., system knowledge, test equipment, modification processes, supplier base, ...) is very extensive. Most of us have been in the diesel business in excess of 15 years and have worked on the design and development of diesel fuel systems both mechanically and electronically controlled for everything from ships to single cylinder utility engines.

In our opinion, the preceeding discussion points are “why” you should choose Exergy. However, you do not need to just take our opinion, read on to learn what some of the top engine tuners’ have said about our products and services.

Danville Performance

I would personally like to thank you guys for the great products and outstanding customer service which is so rare in this day and age! I have and will continue to only use Exergy Performance Injectors in my customers trucks as it makes my job easier and makes them happy with the outcome! Tuning is more precise with none of the normal rattles and glitches seen with the typical hone jobs from others. You have a customer for life!

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Mark Broviak
Danville Performance


When customers ask me who they should go to for injectors I recommend Exergy. Your injectors run smoother at idle and part throttle than anything else I've tuned. I don't have to spend my time and the customers dime re-tuning the fuel pressure and timing curve with each new set. I know that what I've spent long hours on in one truck will translate to repeatable results in another.

I daily drive a set of your 100% 8 hole Bosch Motorsports nozzles in an 850+rwhp setup. The videos on the Duramaxtuner.com website show exactly what I mean. No rattle, no haze, no crazy timing/pulse numbers to make power. I can't wait to start working with your products on the CR Cummins.

Nick Priegnitz

Team Twisted

The proof of the advantages of having Exergy high pressure, flow tested, balanced injectors really showed on the engine dyno. Our Team Twisted motor could not make similar power with other injectors and the heat control of each cylinder was much better with our Exergy injectors. We were seeing temp differences between cylinders of 250 degrees F with our old injectors. The Exergy injectors lowered the temperature spread to just under 100 degrees. We had our old injectors flow tested at another facility that could only test at standard Bosch parameters. While this seemed better than putting tips on bodies and just running them, we found it was a waste of time and money. Our first trip to the engine dyno was a failure. The issues found on the engine dyno were because our injectors failed to perform properly in the real world. We turned to Exergy to prove to us the problem was the injectors. The same 8 injectors that passed the Bosch style test at another facility were tested at Exergy to the specs of pressure and pulse width we were running on the engine dyno. The results were what we expected. The flow of our old injectors was being limited by pressure problems in the injector body that only showed up above 24,000 psi. Since the original facility that tested the injectors and provided us flow data was testing the injectors to Bosch spec., the pressure was not run high enough to find the problem at that facility. Exergy found the problem and fixed it immediately. This was a very costly and time consuming issue to find and fix. If we had known of Exergy Performance and had our injectors tested there from the start, this whole situation could have been avoided. I will not use or recommend any other company. The risk of using anyone else for injector suppliers is too high. Other companies can't test to the parameters that Exergy can test to. Exergy Performance injectors saved our motor from blowing up, made more horsepower, and ran smoother. We can’t thank them enough for all their hard work and time they put into delivering us the quality product we wanted. Thank you!

Bob Olson, Shane Powrozek, and Kyle Strissel
Team Twisted