Engineered to Deliver!

Whether you are the class points champion, or just need confirmation all is well with your diesel fuel system, Exergy Performance can help.

Drawing on the experience of multiple diesel fuel system development careers spanning decades, and the absolute best test equipment available, Exergy Performance brings more high performance fuel system know-how to the market than anyone else.

In other words, we have the biggest tool box with the best tools and we know how to use them.

Products and Services:

  • New, Reman, and Customer Injectors Modified to Flow at Nearly Any Level

    • Unlimited nozzle flow increases via EDM and Hone (if you have the air, we can get you the fuel)
      • Nozzles flow balanced within 1% across set
      • Stock and Bosch Motorsport nozzles
      • Important Things to Note:
        • No sales of nozzles only. Modified nozzles only available in complete injectors.
        • We do not remanufacture or rebuild customer injectors. We have found it a better customer value to begin with new or reman injectors if injectors have excessive wear.
        • Every used customer set receives baseline testing upon arrival to determine if they are good candidates for the requested modifications.

    • Injector sets balanced within 4% at rated power
      • Injector testing across full operating range Fuel Map - Click to Enlarge
        • Quantity
        • Injection-to-injection quantity variation (shot-to-shot)
        • Injection rate
        • Injector return-flow
        • Each in-house modified set comes with a calibration summary
        • Full injector mapping available upon request
  • High Output Common Rail Pumps Cal Sheet - Click to Enlarge

    • 3 Levels To Choose From
      • Sportsman: Extended RPM range verses stock
      • 10mm Stroker: Capable of 800+HP with supporting mods
      • 12mm Stroker: Capable of 1000+HP with supporting mods

Other Products and Services:
  • OEM compatible replacement injectors, pumps and service parts
  • OEM rails, sensors, and pressure valves
  • Injector service and repair
  • Custom high pressure injection lines

...available at these and other fine dealers.

Exergy is proud to be a Bosch Motorsport Dealer. Bosch Logo